Irene Emmerich Obituary

Irene Ethel Emmerich, age 92, passed away peacefully on October 18, 2018.
Irene was born on January 27, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois. She was the daughter of Irene M. and Charles A. Jeske. She had a twin brother Leroy and older brother Charles H. Jeske. She lived in Chicago her whole life and did not have any children.
Irene Emmerich attended Bell Grammar School and Lakeview High School in Chicago, Illinois where she met the love of her life, Robert (Bob) Emmerich when they were Hall Guards. For many years she worked as an office assistant for a jewelry company while living with her mother and grandparents in their home.
In 1943, Robert Emmerich was drafted for World War II and served in the Pacific Theater as an Aircraft Mechanic and received many citations and medals including a Bronze Star. Upon his discharge in 1946, he returned to Chicago and became the #1 pipefitter for Bellis Hanley Construction for the next 30 years. He was also an expert in plumbing and heating and a Union Member of United Association Local 597.
When Robert returned from the war he was sitting in a bar, having a beer and saw Irene through the window on the street walking by. He had not seen her in the 4-years he had been at war. He ran out to the street and asked her if she would join him for a Coke. She said yes which launched a 70-year romance of a lifetime together!
September 5, 1953, Irene and Robert were married at St. Benedict Catholic Church in Chicago, Illinois and were married for 65 years! They honeymooned driving a new 1953 Plymouth from Chicago to San Francisco and returned taking Route 66.
Irene loved remodeling homes for family and friends which could extend to tearing down walls and adding bathrooms. In 1954, she remodeled the whole upstairs of her Grandmother’s home so that she and Robert could live in it while they were married and eventually they purchased the home.
In 1965, they moved into a newly built 2-story home in Edgebrook and decorated it with her favorite color blue and the latest home decorating trends with accents from many arts and crafts that she made. They transformed the downstairs basement into an entertainment area featuring a dance floor and eating area where they threw lavish parties featuring ballroom and square dancing.

Irene and Bob had a passion for Square Dancing which started at Horner Park in 1955. They went onto travel around the country with the Square Dance callers Singing Sam, Berl Main and Marshal Flippo. Irene was always known for her glamourous dresses and was the emcee for the annual fashion show.
Her passion for traveling took her and Robert to all 7 Continents and every state in the United States. They loved looking at all the wildlife and historical places including:
Taj Mahal
The Vatican
The Pyramids
African Safari
France / Normandy
Buckingham Palace
The Great Wall of China
Thailand / Ankor Watt Temple
Jerusalem / Stations of the Cross / Wailing Wall
Irene was very involved with Chicago friends and family members and never missed sending Birthday Card greetings to all. In Colorado, with the Charles and Denise Jeske family and their 5 nieces and nephews, Irene and Bob made regular visits for Thanksgiving, Christmas and many events their nieces and nephews were involved in.  
Throughout her life she had 5 pet bunny rabbits she loved dearly: Coco, Sweetie Boy, Sweet-ums, Tucker and Buixie. Her favorite actor was Jimmy Stewart and blue was her favorite color.
Irene was a lovely, interactive and vivacious person all her life and was a joy to everyone she met. She was loved deeply by her family and we will miss her greatly. She is survived by her husband Robert Emmerich, 94 years old,  and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Location: Memory Garden Cemetery
Service will be at the Chapel: 11:00 AM
Presiding: Deacon Jack Smith
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Address: 2501 E. Euclid Avenue, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004

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